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Doncaster, from the Scrivens Collection (Pocket Images)
Many Edwardian photographers produced picture postcard views but Doncaster was lucky enough to be home of Edgar Leonard Scrivens who, between 1909 and the mid 1930s, photographed virtually every main thoroughfare and most of the towns and villaged within a forty mile radius. He also recorded important local events such as the unveiling of the Doncaster War Memorial in 1923 and the aviation meeting of 1909, as well as social and economic changes in the area. Scrivens' photographs are of exceptional quality. Beautifully composed, full of incidental detail and of outstanding clarity, they provide us with a fascinating view into the past. Now increasingly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts, it is hard to believe that after his death in 1950, Scrivens' business on Queen's Road was sold and no-one bothered to save the thousands of postcard negatives neatly filed in an upstairs room there. Fortunately his postcards still exist and, as this volume shows, stand as testament to his ability and his achievement. Well-known author Peter Tuffrey's accompanying research provides an irresistable and invaluable record if the Doncaster area.

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