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The Buildings of Huddersfield
Huddersfield has a surprisingly rich architectural heritage. Developed mainly in a period of explosive growth during Georgian and Victorian times, it has many buildings of very high quality. This book describes and illustrates around 200 of the best and most attractive structures to be seen in the town. It looks at the magnificent buildings of Victorian Huddersfield, at the much older manor and gentry houses, at churches, chapels and public buildings, at houses and at twentieth century additions to the town, together with the buildings of the wool textile industry that provided the backbone of the town's Victorian expansion.
A Century of Huddersfield
This fascinating selection of photographs illustrates the extraordinary transformation that has taken place in Huddersfield during the 20th century. The book offers an insight into the daily lives and living conditions of local people and gives the reader glimpses and details of familiar places during a century of unprecedented change. Many aspects of Huddersfield's recent history are covered, famous occasions and individuals are remembered and the impact of national and international events is witnessed. The book provides a striking account of the changes that have so altered Huddersfield's appearance and records the process of transformation.Drawing on detailed local knowledge of the community, and illustrated with a wealth of black-and-white photographs, this book recalls what Huddersfield has lost in terms of buildings, traditions and ways of life. It also acknowledges the regeneration that has taken place and celebrates the character and energy of local people as they move through the first years of this new century.
Huddersfield: Home Town Memories in Words and Pictures
This is a paperback reprint - back due to popular demand. It includes over 400 captivating photographs chronicling Huddersfield throughout the second half of the 20th Century. It documents people and events as well as the expected photographs of buildings, streets and landscapes. Huddersfield: Home Town Memories in Words and Pictures presents a host of special memories, recollections, anecdotes and timeless photographs, making it a unique reflection of Huddersfield over the years.. Many of the photographs included in this book come from the archive of Kirklees Community History Service which holds the negatives of photographs taken for "The Huddersfield Daily Examiner" from 1946 to the early 1980s. Earlier photographs come from collections formed by the individual museums in Kirklees. Browse through pictures of local workplaces, street scenes, local wildlife, landscapes, people and events in history. Even visits from The Queen, Princess Diana and various politicians are included. These images will stir the memories of those tho have lived through the changes this town has seen, and act as a window to the past for those born towards the end of the last century. Many of the people and places which are featured are now long gone - but this book ensures that they will never be forgotten.
Huddersfield Mills
Huddersfield's famous mills played a crucial role in the town's history and now they are a vital element in its heritage. In this survey, Vivian Teesdale documents the mills themselves- some have been demolished whilst others have changed use and a few are still connected with the modern textile industry.
Huddersfield Pubs (Images of England)
This book is an illustrated, historical tour of the pubs and beer houses of Huddersfield and its environs by one of the town's best known experts on the subject, Dave Green, retired landlord at the Slubber's Arms. The author has spent many years collecting old photographs, anecdotes and interesting information about the area's pubs and he draws on these resources and his considerable knowledge to compile this fascinating examination of a subject dear to mamy hearts. His account also includes reference to the many local breweries, past and present, as well as to many of the area's best known pub characters: landlords and customers, famous and infamous!

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