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A Century of Hull
This fascinating selection of photographs illustrates the extraordinary transformation that has taken place in Hull during the 20th century. The book offers an insight into the daily lives and living conditions of local people and gives the reader glimpses and details of familiar places during a century of unprecedented change. Many aspects of Hull's recent history are covered, famous occasions and individuals are remembered and the impact of national and international events is witnessed. The book provides a striking account of the changes that have so altered Hull's appearance and records the process of transformation.Drawing on detailed local knowledge of the community, and illustrated with a wealth of black-and-white photographs, this book recalls what Hull has lost in terms of buildings, traditions and ways of life. It also acknowledges the regeneration that has taken place and celebrates the character and energy of local people as they move through the first years of this new century.
Hull (Pevsner Architectural Guides)
Hull is one of the great historic trading centres of northeast England. Severely hit by industrial decline, it has recently begun to see substantial regeneration. Exciting new architectural projects reflect the fierce pride of the community and relate closely to the city's magnificent maritime history. Filled with numerous maps; plans; and superb, specially taken colour photographs, this new Pevsner Guide is an indispensable visitors companion to Hull. This is an authoritative, practical and well-illustrated guide to Hull's buildings. The core of the city is the Old Town with its medieval churches, 17th and 18th-century merchants houses and Victorian and Edwardian commercial and public buildings. Detailed walks explore the waterfront area with its exciting recent developments and the Georgian and later suburbs with their many hidden delights. Excursions include the outstanding market town of Beverley. The wide-ranging introduction, specially taken colour photographs and numerous maps make this an essential reference work and easy-to-use visitors companion.
Hull Then and Now 2
In this volume you will be taken on a circular route around the city, beginning at the most requested area The Avenues. The other chapters of the book are Prince's Avenue (including the Dukeries and Pearson Park), St John's Wood & Newland Avenue, Newland & The Cottingham Road, The Road to Stoneferry (including Cleveland Street, Wilmington and the Groves), Market Gate, Low Gate & High Gate (three old town streets in detail), and Myton (with images from North and South Myton). The introduction features an appreciation of Joseph Hirst, Hull's first City Architect, and designer of the former Carnegie Library.
Hull Through Time
Kingston upon Hull is a fascinating city and over the last 150 years or so has witnessed great changes. The city centre in the late 1890s was made up of pre Victorian slum houses and tiny narrow streets. In the very last years of the 1890s much of the old city centre was completely demolished and many of the old parts of the city centre have been captured on photographs, some of which are included in this book. Today, the city centre is very modern and boasts three excellent shopping centres as well as the more traditional streets. It also has several museums and William Wilberforce's house, which was the home of the anti slavery campaigner. This excellent book with over 190 photographs shows not only the city centre as it was and how it is today but also some of its environs. It is essential reading for anyone who knows and loves the area.
Kingston upon Hull
Kingston upon Hull has a long distinguished history. Famous since the sixteenth century for its whaling industry, renowned for its fishing port and docks as well as hosting the largest annual fair in England, it is also he home of William Wilberforce, the great reformer and Amy Johnson, the aviator. However the city has much else of interest and note, as the pages of this evocative volume reveal, including Garden Village, beautiful parks, dignified buildings, memorable events, local personalities and a host of other well-known sons and daughters in all walks of life. So much in the city has changed but it is not forgotten by Hullensians, whose resilient spirit and vibrant community have helped them to endure disaster and destruction. Despite tragedies such as the Dogger Bank incident and the R38 Airship explosion, both of which are documented in the book, the people of Hull rightly regard their recent past with nostalgia and affection. This fascinating collection of over 200 old photographs vividly recalls that way of life that has now vanished forever. It is a collection that will appeal to the nostalgia and affection felt by all Hullensians, regardless of age, for the city and community in which they take such pride.
Portrait of Hull
Hull, or Kingston Upon Hull to give it its full title, is a city of great contrasts, from the elegant Guildhall and thriving international port, to the calm of the Museum Quarter centred in the heart of the Old Town and the breathtaking and hugely successful submarium, The Deep, which points confidently towards the River Humber. Alongside the history, tradition and modern regeneration of the city, there is also a remarkable human story, for the City Council shoulders a responsibility for some of the largest areas of social housing anywhere in the country. Historic museums, modern shopping centres, marinas, sports stadiums and business developments, signal the renaissance of an unassuming, yet intriguing city. As the 140 beautiful photographs in the book show, this is a place rapidly re-inventing itself, in the shadow of the demise of its once great fishing fleets. And as this stunning book of new photographs shows, for those who have a view about Hull, but have never actually been there, a visit to truly get under its skin is likely to turn into quite a surprise.

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