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Ilkley at War (Images of England)
In the nineteenth century, Ilkley prospered as an inland spa resort. During the war years the grand hydros and hotels were adapted for war-time uses; hostels for evacuees and bases for government offices and the military. An Officer Cadet Training Unit based in the town commandeered some of the largest hotels and the Government Wool Control department occupied two of the hydros. This book looks, amongst others, at subjects such as the Home Guard, evacuees and European refugees, "Holidays at Home", war savings and campaigns, describing how Ilkley, Burley and Menston adapted to all the changing circumstances of a community at war.
Ilkley Past and Present (In Old Photographs)
Although it is only half an hour from Leeds and Bradford, Ilkley has retained its small-town atmosphere. Referred to in the "Domesday Book", it was a small agricultural village for centuries; all this changed when the potential of the local waters was realised in the eighteenth century, and Ilkley became known as a spa. When the railway arrived in the 1860s the hydros became hotels, and the town matured into a tourist attraction and a commuter base for the industrial centres of Leeds and Bradford. In this book, Alex Cockshott and Denise Shillitoe compare 100 old photographs with the scene today, bringing Ilkley's fascinating history to life. "Ilkley Past & Present" will be an essential purchase for visitors and residents alike.
Ilkley (Town & City Memories)
This book features approximately 75 period photographs from "The Francis Frith Collection", with captions and introduction. It also includes an aerial photograph and historic Ordnance Survey and Victorian county maps.
On Ilkley Moor: The Story of an English Town
Tim Binding's most lyrical and experimental work to date, the story of an English town; Tim Binding lived in Ilkley, Yorkshire, until he was seven, and the place shaped his imagination and has haunted him ever since, especially the death by drowning of Michael Airey, his childhood friend. On Ilkley Moor is an imaginative history of a town: a series of explorations, partly factual, partly intuitive and partly personal. It is the tale of Victorian optimism - of faith in hydropathy, in manufacturing, in the railways. It is an examination of Ilkley's place on the faultline between the two great forces which have informed English life and culture: its rural heritage and the industrial revolution. It is a book about the north, about industry, commerce and medicine and, above it all, it is one small story of England, of going back, of the fifties and the lost dreams of that era - not a travel book, but a return home to the place that made the writer what he is.

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