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Tadcaster Through Time
This book tells the fascinating story of the town of Tadcaster in North Yorkshire. By juxtaposing ninety archive images alongside full-colour modern photographs, each page provides a snapshot of how Tadcaster used to be and how it is today. Featuring factories, streets, houses, shops, schools and churches, and the people who lived, learned, worshipped and worked in them, all aspects of life in Tadcaster and the surrounding villages is covered. The influence of the three breweries that are synonymous with Tadcaster and the famous Tadcaster magnesian limestone after which the Romans named their town Calcaria are covered here. Also featured is Towton, the site of England's biggest and bloodiest battle in the War of the Roses and Boston Spa, home of the northern British Library and Bramham Park, host to the Bramham Horse Trials and Leeds Festival.

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