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Todmorden Buses: A Century of Service (Fare Stage)
This book outlines the history of transport in Todmorden from the late-18th to the early-21st centuries, but focuses on the last hundred years during which motor buses have served the area continuously. In 1907, Todmorden Corporation became the pioneers in the North of England of a hitherto untested form of propulsion for public passenger transport. This inevitably resulted in numerous teething problems, but at that stage the Corporation could not possibly have foreseen the extent to which the motor-bus was to dominate the urban passenger transport scene worldwide less than 50-years later. In 1931, the Borough sold half of its interest in its bus service to the LMS Railway, but the joint undertaking continued to pioneer new developments in vehicles until economic and demographic circumstances brought about its decline and loss of independence during the second half of the 20th century.

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