Breweries in Yorkshire


Goose Eye Brewery
Goose Eye Brewery is a small family-run business, established in 1991. Its beers have worn several CAMRA prizes. Bottled beers include Bronte Bitter and Wonkey Donkey. Cask ales include Barm Pot, Bronte, No Eye Deer, Wharfedale and Pommies Revenge.
Timothy Taylor Brewery
In 1858 Timothy Taylor began brewing beer in Cook Lane in Keighley and in 1863 he set up and built a larger brewery at Knowle Spring, where the company has remained ever since.
The superb spring water that wells up from deep under the Pennines is still used today to produce traditional cask ales. The brewery remains in the Taylor family and is now the last independent brewery of its type left in West Yorkshire. It produces several award-winning ales such as Landlord, Taylor's Best Bitter and Golden Best.


Black Sheep Brewery
The Black Sheep brewery was established by Paul Theakston in 1992 after Theakstons brewery itself had been taken over by Scottish and Newcastle in 1987. He purchased the former Lightfoot's brewery site from an animal feed company. The associations of Masham with sheep led Paul to come up with the name "Sheep Brewery" which later became "Black Sheep" at his wife's suggestion.
The brewery produces a range of well-hopped bitters, to distinguish itself from Theakston's range of fruity and yeasty beers. The brewery quickly became successful and now produces over 50,000 barrels a year.
T & R Theakston Ltd. was founded in 1827 by Robert Theakston and John Wood at The Black Bull pub in Masham. In 1987 the company was purchased by Scottish & Newcastle but in 2004 the business returned to family ownership after being purchased back from Scottish & Newcastle. The brewery produces cask ale and pasteurised bottled ales, Old Peculier being Theakston's most famous beer.


Ossett Brewery
Ossett Brewery began in 1997 as a small micro brewery at the rear of the Brewers Pride public house in Ossett. It was so successful that in 2005 it had to expand into larger premises nearby. The brewery's best known beers are Excelsior, a winner of several CAMRA awards, and Ossett Pale Gold.


John Smith's
John Smith's was founded in Tadcaster in 1847. The brewery is currently owned by Scottish & Newcastle. It is best known for John Smith's Yorkshire Bitter which is the leading brand of bitter in the country, selling over 1 million pints every day.
John Smith's is the biggest commercial sponsor of horse racing in the UK.
Samuel Smith's
The Old Brewery at Tadcaster, founded in 1758, was inherited and renamed by Samuel Smith in 1886. It is the oldest brewery in Yorkshire and the only surviving independent brewery in Tadcaster.
Samuel Smith's (popularly known as Sam Smith's) is one of the few remaining British breweries to employ the traditional Yorkshire Square system in the production of its beers. Brewing water for ales and stouts is still drawn from the original 85 foot well, sunk when the site was established in 1758, and the yeast used in the fermentation process is of a strain that has been used continuously since approximately 1900 - one of the oldest unchanged strains in the country. The brewery still uses horse-drawn drays to deliver beer to local customers.
It does not have a website.
Tower Brewery
Formerly a Bass brewery, now owned by Coors.


York Brewery
Established in 1996 within the city walls, York Brewery is both a working brewery and a tourist attraction, providing customers locally and around the country with the first traditionally brewed ales from within the walls of York for over 40 years.

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