Barney Colehan (1914-1991)

Barney Colehan, born in Calverley near Leeds on 19th January 1914, was a pioneer in radio and the early days of television.

He arrived at the BBC immediately after World War II from the British Forces Broadcasting Service. He first came to prominence in 1946 as a BBC radio producer responsible for the very popular series Have A Go which was presented by Wilfred Pickles.

As a light entertainment producer Colehan produced the first programme when television arrived in the north of England in 1951. One of his early successes was Top Town, a talent show pitting contestants from neighbouring towns against each other.

His longest running success was The Good Old Days which started in 1953 and was on air for 30 years.

Colehan had the idea in 1963 of making a TV version of Jimmy Saville's popular Radio Luxembourg show Teen and Twenty Disc Club. He produced the pilot which later became Top of the Pops.

In 1966, Colehan brought It's a Knockout to the screen and it ran for 16 years.

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