Brian Glover (1934-1997)

Brian Glover was a professional wrestler, a teacher and finally a popular film, television and stage actor.

He was born in Sheffield on April 2nd 1934, but grew up in Barnsley.

Glover attended Barnsley School and the University of Sheffield. He supplemented his student grant by working as a professional wrestler, going under the ring name "Leon Aris the Man From Paris". He continued to appear in the wrestling ring as Leon Aris while he worked as a school teacher, teaching English and French, from 1954 until 1970.

His first acting role came in 1969 when he played Mr Sugden, the comically overbearing sports teacher in Ken Loach's film Kes This job was offered to him when Barry Hines, who wrote the film and who was a fellow teacher at Barnsley School, suggested him to the director.

Glover's acting career went from strength to strength, with roles at the Royal Court and with the Royal Shakespeare Company and the National Theatre. Other films in which he appeared include Brannigan (1975), The Great Train Robbery (1979), Company of Wolves (1984), Aliens 3 (1991) and Leon the Pig Farmer (1992).

He was also noted for his voice-overs for TV commercials, notably for Allison's bread - ’wi’ nowt taken out” - and for Tetley tea. Glover also wrote over 20 plays and short films.

Glover's last film role was as a rugby league fan in the 1998 comedy Up 'n' Under by John Godber - a role that was written especially for him.

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