Henry Seebohm (1832-1895)

Henry Seebohm, born in Bradford in 1832, was a steel manufacturer and amateur ornithologist.

His interest in natural history led him to travel widely, in Greece, Scandinavia, Turkey and South Africa. His expeditions to the Yenisey tundra of Siberia were described in his two books, Siberia in Europe (1880) and Siberia in Asia (1882), which were combined in the posthumous publication The Birds of Siberia (1901).

Seebohm's other publications included A History of British Birds (1883), The Geographical Distribution of the family Charadriidae (1887), The Birds of the Japanese Empire (1890) and A Monograph of the Turdidae (1898).

He was the brother of the economic historian Frederic Seebohm.

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