John Braine (1922-1986)

John Braine, the renowned Yorkshire novelist was born on 13th April 1922 in Bradford.

He was educated at St. Bede's Grammar School. Leaving school at 16, he had various jobs, including a period of service in the Royal Navy, before becoming a librarian in Bingley. Suffering from tuberculosis, he then spent eighteen months in hospital, and it was during this period of enforced rest that he began writing his first successful novel Room at the Top The success of this book when it was published in 1957 enabled him to embark on a full-time career as a novelist.

His other novels include The Vodi (1959), Life at the Top (1962) (a sequel to Room at the Top), The Jealous God (1964), and The Queen of a Distant Country (1972)


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