Sandy Powell (1900-1982)

Can You Hear Me, Mother?

Sandy Powell was a comedian best known for his work on the radio in the 1930s and for his catchphrase "Can You Hear Me, Mother?".

Sandy Powell was born in Rotherham. After he left school he became a music hall entertainer, often wearing a kilt in the guise of a Scottish comedian. During this part of his career he was associated with the singer Gracie Fields, and collaborated with her on several records.

In the 1930s he began to work on the radio, always introducing his show with catchphrase "Can You Hear Me, Mother?". During the 1930s he also appeared in several films, usually as himself.

A popular figure, he worked continuously on radio, on television and in pantomime through the 1940s and 1950s, and continued to perform right up until the 1970s. Part of his act was a comedy ventriloquism turn in which the dummy would fall apart.

Sandy Powell was awarded an MBE in 1975.

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