Rudston is a small village in the East Riding, approximately 6 miles to the west of Bridlington.

In the village churchyards stands the Rudston Monolith. At over 25 feet tall, it is the tallest standing stone in England, and some believe its depth below the ground could be as much again. Legend has it that the devil threw the stone at the nearby church, but missed. It is believed to have been erected around 1600 BC and, interestingly, it is made of gritstone, the nearest source of which is ten miles away.

OS grid reference TA 095 675

Literary Associations

Winifred Holtby, the author of South Riding, lived at Rudston House on Long Street, where a plaque commemorates her. She died in 1935 at the age of 37, and her grave is in the village churchyard. The headstone is in the form of an open book, and bears the inscription "God give me work till my life shall end, and life till my work is done".

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